I Wait

I go up to the attic and light some candles. I put on Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here try to summon your ghost but you don’t come. I wait for you in the frigid room of this vacant house where windows rumble with rattleboned hope. At midnight calm when day is undone I talk … Continue reading I Wait

September Nights

I miss those September nights. Being soft, floating between your smile and the things I can’t explain, like how some things end before they ever begin, or how something so beautiful can be so destructive. I’ve looked love straight in the eyes, the sweetest heartache, dressed in white. I’ve rearranged my brain just to wrap … Continue reading September Nights

Ghost Story

I thought I saw you out of the corner of my eye, but it was just your ghost playing tricks on my mind. Your ghost lives in my peripheral vision. It whispers in my ear, I’m still here. It speaks to me through muffled voices in crowded places, in and around the everyday shuffling. It … Continue reading Ghost Story


I poured myself into the earth; only the flowers would know my pain. And I thought, I might drown, I might die a thousand deaths, before I would ever bloom again. But bloom I did, again and again.

I Am Extraordinary

I am extraordinary. I am a wreck and a masterpiece, in equal parts. I am a warrior, I will get through no matter what it takes. It won’t be easy, but I am determined and unstoppable. I will overcome and rebuild. I will bloom from the decay, and I will thrive. I will burn, break, … Continue reading I Am Extraordinary


There was something in the way she dismantled herself—the way she pulled fire from the sun and burned; the way she lay face down in the rubble, breathing in ash and despair; the way she tasted the destruction before she carved herself anew from the black sky. This is an excerpt from a piece I’ve … Continue reading Dismantled

Wake The Spirits

Won’t you meet me in the after where I remain and you are gone? Where there are no angels, devils or ghosts, but an empty house— won’t you come? Won’t you meet me in the void where my heart betrays me and hope survives? Where the earth is frozen and the sky is white— won’t … Continue reading Wake The Spirits

Song of Flames

They tell you to follow the sun as if night isn’t upon you as if the shadows aren’t real but night is still upon you The thing in your mouth, copper hushrage whispers silence screams until you sing your song of flames: Let them comeOh, let them rageLet them find me in the shadowsLet them … Continue reading Song of Flames

I Wonder

I get to thinking about how long I have carried things around with me; things I am not certain I will ever unload; things buried so deep they are embedded in my soul and perhaps beyond my reach. Is it even baggage anymore or has it broken down and been absorbed? Is it in my … Continue reading I Wonder


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